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HOCL for Pets - 250ml Wound Care

HOCL for Pets - 250ml Wound Care

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Powerful eco-friendly wound care solution which can be used for a range of wounds, skin irritations, hot spots, bites and abscesses. It is a naturally produced solution and is the same substance produced in all mammals by white blood cells, (neutrophils) as part of the immune / defence system. These neutrophils seek out invasive pathogens like bacteria and viruses and instantly kills bacteria build up on contact. it has been found to heal wounds in half the time of other treatments.

  • Fast acting
  • Safe if affected area licked
  • 100% allergen free
  • No stinging
  • No pain -Can be used on all animals and breeds
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Cruelty free

What it does

Our woundcare solution provides quick relief of pain and irritation for your pet. It removes all bacteria from the wound which prevents infection and becuase of this the wound is able to heal faster. Another huge benefit is that this product is 100% natural so it presents no risk to you or your pets.


Water & Salt (through process of electrolysis)

Product storage & care

Please ensure when using this product that it is stored in a cool and dry place to ensure that the solution maintains its efficacy. If the conditions the solution is in reaches a temperature higher than 25 degrees please be aware that this could affect the efficacy and effectiveness of the product.

This product has a maximum shelf life of up to 12 months subject to the conditions stored. However once opened it is advised to use this within 60 days.

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