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  • Natural

    HOCL for Pets is a powerful antimicrobial agent, a combination of water & purified salt through electrolysis.

  • Safe

    Non-toxic to pets, humans, and completely environmentally friendly, HOCL Pets provides peace of mind.

  • Effective

    Proven to be up to 100x more powerful than bleach, HOCL for Pets kills all known pathogens.

to grab your attention!

Like Polly, HOCL stands out from the crowd as a
disinfectant that is 100% natural and is more effective than other products,
safer and harmless to the environment.

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100% Natural

So Timmy need not worry

Timmy can hardly believe that HOCL is made from water, salt and a specilised process of electrolysis. Which means there are no synthetic chemicals, hazardous, or toxic ingredients for him to worry about. So like Timmy, you can keep your home safe and clean - "Just Hocl it"

It's cool for cats

Sanitises, cleans, eradicates bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores.

You can disinfect litter trays, carpets and upholstery whilst neutralising unwanted smells - "Just Hocl it".

Ideal for your pets, if they come home with a cut or graze.

Nine out of ten cats prefer HOCL.

HOCL Woundcare can help with cuts, sores, fleas, ticks, bites and other pet skin conditions.

Read our latest blog on woundcare

Keep an eye out

and an ear to the ground

Biggles can't believe his eyes that HOCL Ear and Eye drops are so gentle

and effective.

These pH neutral, hypoallergenic

toxic free drops relieve irritation,

kills smells and prevent


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