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HOCL for Pets - Disinfectant Bundle 2

HOCL for Pets - Disinfectant Bundle 2

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60ml Ear Drops + 20ml Eye Drops. Save 10% when you buy a bundle.

What it does

HOCL for Pet Ear drops is a 100% natural product helps to clean the surface of the ear and remove harmful bacteria or other pathogens that are causing irritation or infection it neutralises these harmful organisms and promotes healing this then soothes the ear and reduces inflammation and causing immediate pain relief for your pet.

And the HOCL for Pet eye drops cleans the surface of your pets eye and remove any harmful bacteria or other pathogens that may be causing irritation or infection. How HOCL does this is to gently penetrating the surface of the eye and neutralises the harmful microorganisms which helps to soothe the eye, reduce inflammation and promote healing.


Water & Salt (through process of electrolysis)

Product storage & care

Please ensure when using this product that it is stored in a cool and dry place to ensure that the solution maintains its efficacy. If the conditions the solution is in reaches a temperature higher than 25 degrees please be aware that this could affect the efficacy and effectiveness of the product. 6

This product has a maximum shelf life of up to 12 months subject to the conditions stored. However once opened it is advised to use this within 60 days.

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