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HOCL for Pets - Deodoriser

HOCL for Pets - Deodoriser

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No more urine smells or stinky fur with HOCL's powerful natural deodoriser! HOCL uses the power of science to create a fast acting, quick odour eliminator. It's targets the bacteria causing the bad smell, kills it instantly and neutralises the odour.

Most mainstream brands just mask the stink, HOCL gets rid of it for good. Using only natural ingredients, it is safe for both your pet and our planet.

Say goodbye to chemically based sprays.

-100% natural ingredients

-Safe for ALL animals and breeds

-No masking bad smells, abolishing them!

-pH neutral

-Vegan friendly

-Cruelty free

What it does

Our deodoriser works by neutralising the bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens that are causing the odour and this removes the unpleasant odours and creates a clean and fresh environment for you and your pet. Also our deodoriser is easy-to-use as its a pull of a trigger and you've deodorised the problem!


Water & Salt (through process of electrolysis)

Product storage & care

Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Its important that our HOCL for products do not get stored in temperatures above 25 degrees.

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